About Us


The L. P. Taylor Law is dedicated to working in excellence with comprehensive legal solutions, zealous representation, and superior client service. We strive to meet the needs of our clients from within the wide cultural landscape of New Jersey for business and contract law matters, and across the United States for immigration law matters. Our core practice areas include immigration law and business law. Our commitment to maintaining our core values of excellence, integrity, and innovation is the buttress for our meaningful, long-standing relationship with our clients. We work closely with our team and our clients to be innovative in the creation of legal strategies with optimal results. In addition, we strive to forge lasting relationships with the business community and to stay abreast of changes that affect the legal landscape.

The L. P. Taylor Law invites you to contact us to arrange for a personal consultation regarding your specific case. We will answer your inquiries promptly and confidentially. Thank you for your interest in the L. P. Taylor Law, PLLC.

Mission Statement

    The Mission of the L. P. Taylor Law, PLLC is:
  • to provide the excellent professional service and innovative solutions to our clients;
  • to display integrity by adhering to the highest ethical standards;
  • to continuously enhance the legal profession and the communities in which we practice through our giving of time, efforts, and resources;
  • to maintain a culture of servitude within our firm in which we help each other to best meet the needs of our clients, our profession and our communities; and
  • to be a pillar to the next generation of lawyers who will carry on the legacy of our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation.


We strive to offer our skills for the advancement of the legal profession and to encourage future generations to carry on our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. Through local, national, and international community engagement we hope to leave an imprint evidenced by transformative answers to social issues, the reformation of archaic, arbitrary, and irrelevant laws, and the growth and success of our global community at large.